Differences between starting a business on your own and with a Prophet

Since 2010, God gave me a revelation of a company to start but eversince it  has jut been a name on a paper and nothing else. I knew the business that i wanted to do but coming up with financial resources has been a big struggle. I wanted so much to do events management with a focus on gown hiring at the start and further expand the business but things seemed to come my way and divert my finances. i thought that i could do things on my own. Not even a single day did i ask God to intervene in my situation. For years and years the business remained stagnant. i tried to do other small businesses but they came to a crush. As I love watching christian channels i began to understand about spiritual deliverance. I also came to know that demonic influences can also crush businesses and one has to get deliverance to open up all financial doors. After being delivered by an anointed Man of God, maintenance of deliverance is required through meditating on the Word of God, tithing and giving offerings in church. in 2015 i started my quest for spiritual deliverance. God led me to Prophet W Magaya of PHD Ministries Zimbabwe for my first one on one deliverance. God also send me there to believe on a Man of God that i had no faith in and could not understand his teachings. This is Prophet Uebert Angel.

Everything that he was teaching i did not understand. even simple teachings and i began to question his prophetic office. God said go to Prophet W Magaya for deliverance. I went there , got delivered and saw Prophet Uebert’s photo in his foyer.Then i had to believe that indeed Prophet Uebert Angel is indeed a true prophet. So I came home believing. One day I was scrolling up channels and i came across a channel called Prophetic Channel and became curious and clicked on the channel and guess who was on the screen? Prophet Uebert Angel and he was praying for viewers. Now that i believed him, it became easy for me to believe that this was a channel for a real Man of God. I started watching it and started receiving all prophetic declarations. In December 2015 I went to ECG Church in Pretoria South Africa and had an encounter with my spiritual father Prophet Shepher Bushiri (Major 1). Eversince my life has received a turnaround. Financial doors are opening. The things that i could not do, now are becoming possible. The business that was stagnant has began to move. 2 Chronicles 20:20 says believe in your prophets and you shall prosper. Prophets unlock prosperity.

Perhaps you have also been struggling to establish a business like i have been doing. Seek God’s intervention and find a prophet who can unlock your wealth. Stop wasting time struggling on your own as you will keep on running in cycles. Now that I fully Understand what Prophets can do, My Father Major 1 shall bless all my businesses. Every business idea i get, i will inquire from God through my spiritual father. Dowload videos for my spiritual father Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and listen to his teachings. Also watch prophetic channel either on facebook, youtube or the tv channel on DSTV. I know you will be blessed and you shall never be the same. I decree and declare through the anointing of my father Major 1 upon my life that you shall be a multi-billionaire and a kingdom investor within the next six months. God of Major 1 shall supply all your needs and every request that you shall make in prayer it shall be granted. God bless you


Include God in your business

often times we wonder why our businesses fail and we forget that God is not in our business and we never include him in the first place. Remember it is God who gives us the ability to create wealth. From the money that you create from your business give tithes and offerings. Sponsor church activities and be a kingdom financier and all financial doors will open up

How to start a gown hiring business

I never knew that gown hiring could be a very lucrative business until i started one. it is easy to manage and customers always there. Below is a list of to do things

  • do market research
  • find out more about weddings in your area
  • plan for the business
  • make a list of the things you want
  • identify where you can buy wedding gowns at cheap prizes
  • market your business through friends and church
  • come up with a good payment plan
  • make hiring look cheap than buying